What is Astral Travel?

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Astral Travel is something that I get a lot of inquiries about without people knowing what it is. I have a lot of people email me and ask me about dreaming and feeling a black mass or cloud over them. Something that is holding them down, or they are paralyzed and can not scream or move. Here are the most common scary occurrences while dreaming or sleeping:

1) Some type of black mass or cloud is present. Something or someone dark in the room.
2) Not being able to move, yell or make any noise.
3) Feeling heavy on the chest, like there is a weight on them. Or feeling like they are being held down.
4) Feeling like someone is shaking the bed or them.

This is a result of astral traveling, when your spirit leaves your body for a short time while you are asleep. This sounds weird and just as scary, however everyone does it on an average of three times a week. You are always attached to your body so you will not get lost! People normally do not remember doing this, so it is not normally a problem. When you wake up during the time that you are exiting or entering your body this is when these things occur. I personally do not like this at all and I have a huge tendency to wake up during this time especially when I am napping.

So much so that I stopped napping! One time when I was astral traveling early in the morning I was outside my house. We lived on about 7 acres and I was in the field and thought what am I doing out here? It was below freezing outside since it was winter, so my next thought was why am I not cold? I looked down and noticed that I was about 3 feet off of the ground and I knew right away I was astral traveling. I looked back at the house and the sun was coming up so I thought I better get back to my room right away because I knew I was going to wake up soon and I hate it when I wake up during this time. It makes me feel groggy and a little disconnected for awhile.

So I headed back to the house and thought I am going to scare my dogs! I know this is weird and a little mean, but they would see spirits all of the time and bark at them so I wanted to see if they would see me. I went into the garage and right up to my dog ​​Vixen and said, “Hi Vixen”, she lifted up her head and just looked at me. Then I realized, she could see me, and since she knows me she was not remotely scared! I got to my room and floated above my bed for a spit second and then I woke up. Now most people do not retain this much memory when they astral travel. One of the neat things you can do is to visit a loved one on the other side.

When you have dreams of visiting or seeing a loved one somewhere you do not recognize or remember but it feels incredibly real. This is usually a visit from them to you or from you to them on the other side. That is why it feels so real. My daughter used to do this quite a bit with a great-grandma that had passed over when she was little. She would wake up and say, “Mom I visited grandma last night!” Then we would talk about what they visited about, she thought it was fun.

So if you ever have a dream that you are flying in the air like Superman, have fun with it! If you have a problem with the things that I have mentioned, ask God if you astral travel during the night to help you have a quick exit and entry. This will take care of all of the scary part, and if money is tight maybe you can throw in there that you would like to travel to Europe or the Bahamas’ or something for the night and see what happens!


Source by Jennifer J O’Neill