Holiday Seeing the Aurora and the Polar Bear on the Northern Earth

Vacation to the north pole. If you hear this, maybe you will be amazed. Can you take a vacation in a snow-filled area and have a very cold temperature? What can we do in the area with the limitation of the weather?. But apparently, there are many interesting things in this area of the north pole. These things cannot be found in other countries.

Stay at the Ice Hotel

After tiring of traveling around when traveling, it is more enjoyable if we rest. But this resting place is not a hotel with soft mattresses and air-conditioned rooms. The inner rooms of this hotel are built from the arrangement of ice blocks with temperatures minus 5 Degrees Celsius. This room comes with a mattress made of animal fur. Guaranteed we will not be cold while sleeping in the room.

There are also hotels that form Eskimo house, or homes for people living in this area of the north pole. Almost the same as the ice hotel, the room in the Eskimo house is equipped with mattresses of animal fur and there is also a warmer room. If you look out the window, we can enjoy the view of the ice piles everywhere.

Tour With The North Pole Train

There is a travel agency called Tour Northern Lights. The agency offers a journey around the Arctic Circle with a train. This journey takes as much as 7 days. Not only that, we will stay in Lofoten Islands for two nights. Then we will take a cruise to Tromso. This trip costs approximately $ 2,000 per person, including train tickets, yachts, lodging and breakfast.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora is a natural phenomenon that resembles the glow of light that burns on the ionosphere of a planet. Aurora occurs because of the interaction between the magnetic field owned by a planet with charged particles emitted by the sun. The famous Aurora in the north polar region is called Aurora Borealis. Aurora Borealis occurs between September and October and between March and April. If it appears, Aurora is also called the Northern Lights this looks reddish color.

Arctic Animals

Although the area is very cold, many animals grow and multiply in this snow-filled land. But if you expect to meet the penguins at the north pole this maybe you will be disappointed, because penguins do not live in the north pole but at the south pole. But do not grieve, you will still encounter thick furry animals like Wolverine, Lynx Canada (a big cat), Tundram Geese, Arctic Ala, Red Fox, Beluga Whale, Polar Bear, Caribou), Narwhal, Snow Owl, Arctic Fox, and Atlantic Puffin. These animals are no less interesting than the penguins who live in the south pole.


It’s incomplete if you enjoy the atmosphere of ice without doing this one sport. Skiing is a sport down the snow using a ski board mounted on foot. While skiing we also use two sticks that we will use to maintain our balance as we glide snow later. In addition to recreational rides, this sport is often held the race. The race is held for professional skiers. One example of this race is the “Winter Olympics”.

Nurd Kamal Mosque

The mosque is located in the city of Norilsk, the northernmost city of Siberia. The city is in a circle of the north pole and its temperature can reach minus 50 degrees Celsius. This mosque was first built by Mukhtad Mekmeyev in 1998. The walls and roof (dome) of this mosque are covered with snow. Certainly very cold in the area of this mosque. Seeing a mosque in the middle of a pile of snow is indeed amazing.

Those are interesting things that we can find in the north pole. Although it requires a lot of money, but it seems like spending a holiday at village like this is worth a try. Who wants it?