Benefits Mountain Climbing For The Health Of The Human Body

Mountain climbing, mountain climbing or hiking is an adventure sport in the wild that is done by walking through the jungle to reach the top of the mountain, the climbers are commonly called mountaineers, while the activity of climbing or mountain climbing is called climbing. Climbing the mountain is one of the activities that are favored by various circles, whether it is among students, employees, businessmen, or the general public, a lot of mountains that you can conquer because the earth is rich in the mountains, ranging from an easy mountain (not too High) to the mountain that requires special skills to get to the top like climbing the cliffs, survival skills and skills in regulating stamina. Mountain climbing itself basically has many benefits. Of course these benefits are some that can be directly felt, and there are also benefits that can not be seen directly. But in this article will discuss the benefits of mountain climbing for the health of the human body, what are the benefits for humans? Here are the details of the benefits of mountain climbing among others.

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Improve heart and lung health

The health benefits of climbing the mountain first are to increase the working capacity of the heart and lungs, The climbing trip while carrying bag loads will pump the heart and lungs for heavier activity than usual. Climbing the mountain will reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, optimize oxygen supply and blood circulation, avoid various diseases. In order not to get into trouble while climbing the mountain, do the preparation of sports such as jog-run, push ups, sit ups, back up a few days before the start of the climb.

Increase stamina and the immune system

The benefits of mountain climbing is also very good for maintaining and improving your stamina and endurance, so that with your frequent climbing, endurance and stamina you will stay awake, No wonder if mountaineers tend to have a stronger endurance when facing weather conditions Bad in everyday life

Form a strong and healthy mental and memory

Ascend is also very beneficial for the formation of character, mental and strong and firm mind. The benefits of mountain climbing can also improve your memory because climbing a mountain belongs to a fun sport. In climbing requires expertise in terms of instinct management, as well as good emotional management. With frequent climbing activities, the management of instincts and emotions will be honed well and will affect the mental and mind healthy and strong

Keep your body ideal

The benefits of mountain climbing for human health is able to keep the body remains ideal because by climbing the mountain indirectly fat in the body will burn and the body feels healthy and fit

Eliminate fatigue

For humans or mothers who want to eliminate fatigue because they have to take care of the children at home, it is better to try to climb the mountain because with a ride to the mountain can get a new atmosphere let alone the beautiful scenery and cool mountain air guaranteed tired and stress lost but at the time of climbing the mountain Forgot with family to make the atmosphere more cheerful

Exercising patience

The benefits of mountain climbing for human health is to train patience, especially mothers who have children at home because in climbing the mountain of patience is preferred to reach the top and if applicable in educating children will likely be patient or at least not easily angry or emotionless

Growing gratitude

The benefit of mountain climbing that is no less important to humans is to grow a sense of gratitude. In climbing the mountain will see so much beauty that we can get and the beauty that we will not get in the city, for that we must be grateful for God’s favors so much

Thus information about the benefits of mountain climbing for the health of the human body and mothers, but it is not recommended for humans or mothers who are pregnant because if fatigue can result in the fetus that is in the womb except mountain climbing that does not exhaust too much