5 Tips to Travel the World with Cheap Airplane Tickets

Traveling around the world is certainly a dream of everyone, especially those who like to travel. Well, as a traveler you certainly have to know the tricks of hunting cheap plane tickets if you want to visit a destination, especially to other countries. Actually there are many tricks to get cheap airline tickets ranging from using certain applications, choosing airlines to determining the right travel time.

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These 5 main tips from me are taken from my own experience after wading 50 more countries to be able to get cheap plane tickets abroad! My personal favorite is no.3!

1. Use the Webist and Cheap Airplane Ticket Finder Application

Right now, you don’t really need to worry about checking ticket prices and cheap airplane ticket promos because you can directly check on various ticket booking tickets such as Skyscanner, Kayak and Momondo. In addition to the website, several mobile applications can also be used if you want to find flight tickets easily such as Hoopers and Cheapflights.

2. Choose Airlines by Region

In the application and ticket search website, you can find many airlines that offer tickets at various prices. You can choose the low airline ticket in accordance with the area or region to be visited, for example if traveling to Asian countries, you can use AirAsia which is famous for being cheap and offers various attractive promos.

If you plan to visit Australia, you can choose Jetstar or Tiger Air while in Europe some airlines that offer low prices include Ryan Airline, Wizzair and Easy Jet.

3. Select Airlines with City Tour Facilities

Different if you want to travel to an intercontinental country like Europe you can choose two airlines such as Turkish Airline or Qatar Airline. These two airlines can be selected because the City Tour facilities are free. Turkish Airline provides a free City Tour when transiting for 12 hours in Turkey while Qatar Airlines also offers a free tour of the city of Doha while transiting for 5 hours. Don’t worry about Visa because in both countries you can use VoA Visa.

If you plan to use the Australia – United States route, you can use Hawaiian Airlines, which will certainly stop in Hawaii while in transit. As for the Australia-Asia route, a number of airlines that could be selected include AirAsia, ScottAirlines or Garuda and Qantas, which are also priced at a low price when they are promoting.

4. Become a Member of an Airlines or Alliance

In addition to choosing airlines that provide promos and low prices, you can also get tickets at low prices by becoming a member and get a Frequent Flyer Program card from an airline. Usually an airline has a loyalty program for loyal customers. We can get various benefits by becoming a member of an airline for example by collecting points from every ticket booking.

Points collected can be exchanged for free tickets or upgraded to business class depending on the loyalty program level of each airline. Do not forget to show the Frequent Flyer number when ordering a ticket or when you will check in on an airline where you are a member or on other airlines that are still in an alliance with the airline.

You need to know that there are currently three airline alliances in the world namely Star Alliance, SKYTEAM, and One World. One of the Indonesian airlines, Garuda is incorporated in the Schytema alliance, so we can also use the Frequent Flyer Program from Garuda on airlines in the same alliance as KLM, Royal Dutch Airline. In essence, to get a loyalty program you don’t have to be a member of every airline. Check the list of airlines in an alliance if you want to get this benefit!

5. Choose the Right Time for Traveling

This is another important thing that you should consider when buying a plane ticket, which is choosing the season or the right time. To get a cheap ticket, you can choose the times when Low Season and avoid High Season where the price of plane tickets can go up to double.

Some continents have different High Season times, for example, Europe is busy during the Summer or around June-August. Summer is a holiday season in Europe so many tourists visit. Not only summer, the end of the year and holidays are also included in the High Season category in various countries. If you want to get a cheap flight ticket, you can search for flights that are carried out during weekdays or during Low Season ie in February to May and September to November.

Tourism And Traveling does need knowledge and if you are observant, you can apply various tricks to get cheap airplane tickets.