Preparing for Vacation and Honeymoon


Before you take a vacation, make careful planning and preparation before the day of departure. Preparing for the holiday at the beginning is quite a hassle. However, with this planning will make the holiday better. Vacation preparation is the deciding factor and success factor for your holiday success. Some things you need to prepare when going on vacation and honeymoon are:

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Prepare with a perfect holiday

Prepare well before the day of departure. Because if you suddenly change the destination of the sights, then you still have plenty of time to do it and set the supplies you have to down, so you do not have to bother dizzy set time and luggage on the day of departure.

A destination for a vacation and honeymoon

Set your vacation destination and honeymoon. You can …

Holiday Seeing the Aurora and the Polar Bear on the Northern Earth

Vacation to the north pole. If you hear this, maybe you will be amazed. Can you take a vacation in a snow-filled area and have a very cold temperature? What can we do in the area with the limitation of the weather?. But apparently, there are many interesting things in this area of the north pole. These things cannot be found in other countries.

Stay at the Ice Hotel

After tiring of traveling around when traveling, it is more enjoyable if we rest. But this resting place is not a hotel with soft mattresses and air-conditioned rooms. The inner rooms of this hotel are built from the arrangement of ice blocks with temperatures minus 5 Degrees Celsius. This room comes with a mattress made of animal fur. Guaranteed we will not be cold while sleeping in the room.

There are also hotels that form Eskimo house, or homes for …


Canyons are deep gorges, they usually have rivers flowing from in between them. Canyoning is the action of travelling through these canyons by using various methods like jumping, climbing, walking etc. Canyoning is a very fun experience and it is very adventurous.

This activity is ideal for people who don’t appreciate laziness and have an adventurous nature.

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If you are looking for something that is not only exciting and amusing but is also beneficial in the health sector, then this activity is very ideal for you.

Canyoning is quite ideal for the physical and mental health. Because of canyoning, one also gets to experience the outside nature and outside always has a good effect on the human health. Canyoning helps the body shed that extra fat.  It helps in weight loss since it includes alot of physical activity.

These physical activities …