Traveling Jobs Of A Different Kind – Volunteer For No Money Down!


Today, The Runaway Geek (TRG) goes into a more philanthropic mood, where he explores Travel Jobs which do not really pay! Well, not monetarily at least 🙂 TRG has in fact did some English Teaching over in Sri Lanka and enjoyed many heartwarming and fun times with the kids.

Many people want to travel the world but nowadays it is quite expensive; the airfare, the cost of a safe hotel and the guided tours among other expenses. So how can you travel to the countries of your dreams without costing an arm and a leg? Volunteering abroad is the answer. There are various programs that allow one all the luxuries of traveling abroad without the cost and it gives one the chance to do something spectacular in his or her life.

So where does one begin? Internet searches are great to find a variety of options and compare countries where you can go and the cost of each program. Some agencies that help one to go abroad are the following: Suas, Volunteer Abroad and Global Crossroad. Suas focuses an organization that focuses on the youth and education in Kenya, Ireland and India. Volunteer Abroad is a good choice for people who want to explore their options. There are various countries to choose from and fun and exciting volunteer options such as saving the pandas in China and volunteering in a Marine Conservation in Fiji. Students also have a lot of options such as alternative spring breaks where a group of students visit a country to perform volunteer work for a week or studying abroad through multiple country visits where one volunteers and studies. Global Crossroad is very similar to Volunteer Abroad.

What will you be doing? There are a variety of activities that you can do while abroad. English has become an international language that is extremely important to non English speaking countries. Therefore, you may be assigned to an elementary or high school teaching English. Other nations have been destroyed by natural disasters and others have never been economically sufficient to build a proper infrastructure for its inhabitants so you might build houses for that particular community. Also, if you have a special talent such as being a doctor, lawyer, physical therapist, psychologist, etc. you may use your talents for the benefit of others who do not have access to such services in their country. Doctors without Borders is one of the most famous programs for such specializations, but there are other smaller, similar programs like united for site for optometrists and ophthalmologists as well as students, public health professionals and educators.

The list of countries you can visit is endless. You can visit nearly every continent and someone there will need your help. There are many volunteer programs in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc.

The options are out there. All you have to do is explore your options and you will be able to help all of mankind with your love and contribution.


Source by Andy T.