Tips When Traveling to Columbus, Ohio


Ohio is at the United States’ Midwestern state. It is deemed as a geographical and cultural crossroad in North America since it is part of the so-called Great Lakes regions. People from the Mid-Atlantic States, New England, Appalachia as well as the Upper South settled here since the 1700s.

Even before the year 1984, Ohio was already classified as a portion of the North Central Region, wherein, it was later on re-named as “Midwest” and was divided into 2 distinct divisions. Ohio presently lies along the division of the East North Central States. It is also noted as the 7th largest state in the US by population.

There are several considerations if traveling to Ohio, particularly in Columbus. There are areas that pose danger and risks to tourists. Hence, these are some of the things to take note of when planning a trip to Columbus, Ohio. These are from people how have visited the region and from those who reside in the state. This would include:

Eastern and Western Columbus

It is noted at the eastern side of Columbus, as compared to the west, has a higher crime rate. However, the western side was indicated to be relatively hazard-free.

Littering and Jaywalking Laws

The public safety departments as well as police officials are very serious in their advocacy to keep their city safe and clean here in Columbus. It imposes laws against speeding, littering, dumping and jaywalking. Always look for a trash can to dispose of your litter. And be careful when crossing the street. Look for the pedestrian lane.

The speeding law is 1 mile over the actual limit. Violation this can get a large fine, particularly in the New Rome region. Littering, on the other hand, imposes a $1,000 fine for those who get caught either by police officials personally or via their video monitoring devices. They are strict on this because they depend on this for their revenue.

When it comes to dumping, big fines are set up for this one. This is also one law they strictly implement. For jaywalking, you can get a $100 ticket just by crossing the street at a wrong time, especially when the lights are blink red. This is seriously implemented during business hours.

Driving Issues

Ohio residents are noted by a few tourists by their driving issues, particularly along turn points. This means that you should expect left turns coming from the right lanes and vice versa as well as straights coming from “turn-only” lanes and the like. They also follow a so-called “7 second rule” which is all about turning left on a light about 7 seconds after it turned red when making their turn.

The Traffic

Prior to your trip to Columbus, check for recent construction sites or detour areas. Due to its numerous one-way streets, you can easily get lost in this city.

Iffy Areas

Although Ohio is popular for its extreme cleanliness and the politeness of its residents, steer clear of bad areas like the East side which is bordered from the south by Livingston Avenue, on the north by Morse, on the west by the Children’s hospital and on the east by Nelson. Stay away from the West side, particularly along Mound Street at night. This is also with the South side at South Parsons at night.

It is just advisable not to lurk these areas at night. However, Columbus is still considered as a safe city to visit, granted that it only averages approximately 60 murders per year, still a bit lower as compared to most cities that is half its size.

Other important points to consider:

The Ohio State University is well-lit and generally safe but still be careful because it is a bit sketchy at night. For food, if you find candy buckeyes delicious, the real ones are poisonous. Buy the ones from Anthony Thomas.

Since the weather in Ohio is indecisive and sometimes unpredictable. It is best to pack winter wears, sunscreens, shorts and rain gear.

Steer clear of their freeways during rush hours. You can only imagine how treacherous their cross-lane traffic can get.


Source by David Urmann