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An Introduction to Forensic Accounting The processes involved in forensic accounting are much more than crunching numbers, in fact, the job obliges the accountant to look far beyond the numbers, and peer deeply into the people who are responsible for putting the numbers onto the paper, fully grasping the situation in a way that others might not. As you may have gathered from the name alone, a forensic accountant’s job is much more like a detective’s that your conventional understanding of an accountant who simply sits behind a desk and crunches numbers. The best way to describe a forensic accountant is as follows: a detective who focuses on financial forensics regarding auditing and improper financial reporting of legal documents that are involved in connection with legal actions taking place in or out of the court system. They usually deal with white collar crime. They are solely responsible for the analyzing and highlighting of an improper filings regarding financial data. The type of agencies or organizations they work with are as follows: small to large businesses, nonprofits, government and law enforcement, estates, and individuals in marriages and families who mandate the use of forensic accounting services.
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The vast majority of people are unaware of all the tasks and duties that a forensic accountant is capable of assisting them with. A great forensic accountant knows how to provide you with complete investigatory and analysis services. For those who are suffering from damages or loss to their income, a great accountant is capable of providing you with quantifiable data to account for your losses. Those who are dealing with fraud in a divorce, particularly in instances involving real estate, business assets or mortgage lending, talk with this type of accountant, they know how to help you. Financial matters involved with wrongful death legal issues can be handled by this type of financial professional. Lastly, the greatest help a forensic accountant can offer is to a business with shareholders who feel they have been misrepresented. Many people do not realize the value of carrying out good quality forensic audits ultimately ensuring the business or organization is properly managing its money. Some of the projects they can help you run are as follows: insurance fraud prevention, construction audits, matrimonial disputes, royalty audits, bankruptcy audits and so forth. For those who are in search of a good forensic accountant, seek our referrals and do your appropriate amount of research.