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This is your unique airline ticket number – your proof that the ticket was issued. Often the first three digits signify the airline code. Each airline has a three digit code distinctive to the airline (e.g. within the ticket sample it will be 021). This number is followed by the precise ticket number or in any other case known as ticket stock quantity.

The most cost effective flights with United Airways / Lufthansa to Central America are available when departing till ninth of December 2016 and 6th of January until 6th of April 2017. Because the journey dates vary to each of the locations please let us know via our FB web page if you happen to would wish to lookup some resolution.. You could oven guide an open-jaw flights and journey not only one nation inside this region. (i.e. arrive to Belize and return back from Guatemala). Do not forget that in case of United Airways flights are routed by way of US airports you would want to issue ESTA certification in any case.